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Airtightness testing

At Airtight Testing Services, where we set the industry standard for Airtightness Testing as a Core Service. Our comprehensive array of testing solutions extends beyond the conventional blower door test. Embracing innovative approaches like sectional testing, in-built component analysis, and strategic co-pressurisation, we provide the tools for superior energy efficiency and building performance. With an unwavering commitment to technical prowess and a wealth of experience in airtightness testing, we serve a diverse range of industries. Our meticulous testing services span residential, commercial, and industrial construction, ensuring your building envelopes meet the highest airtightness benchmarks. Discover the key facets of our Airtightness Testing Service below, promising unparalleled precision and steadfast reliability in every project. 


Commercial Building Airtightness Testing:

From offices to schools, healthcare facilities, and retail spaces, our mastery of airtightness testing extends to the realm of commercial structures. Our rigorous assessments guarantee your commercial buildings meet stringent airtightness standards, facilitating the creation of energy-efficient and sustainable spaces for occupants. 


Industrial Facility Airtightness Testing: 

The complexities of industrial setups demand exacting airtightness. Our specialized team conducts meticulous tests tailored to various industrial configurations. This ensures your facility maintains optimal environmental conditions and energy efficiency, supporting seamless production processes. 


Residential Airtightness Testing:

Uncover essential airtight construction best practices critical for the longevity of building envelopes. Our training imparts industry-leading construction methods, precise air barrier installation, and efficient sealing techniques. Implementation of these practices not only enhances airtightness but also enhances occupant comfort while reducing energy consumption. 

Airtightness Testing Services RIBA stages

This diagram illustrates the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Plan of Work, a widely recognized framework for managing building projects in the United Kingdom. It is a vital tool for architects, construction professionals, and clients to navigate the various stages of a project effectively.

Specialist airtightness testing and analytics  

At Airtight Testing Services, we offer specialist testing systems and bespoke customisations to test specific elements and offer analytical reports to help improve your overall airtightness targets. Because we are able to test individual elements in your project, we can be specific when identifying problems and risks. To achieve the utmost accuracy and reliability in our assessments, we employ cutting-edge equipment and devices designed for precise testing in diverse industries. Our expert team is proficient in operating and interpreting data from these state-of-the-art tools, ensuring unparalleled results that exceed expectations. 

Item Blower Doors with Advanced Data Analytics: 

Fundamental to our airtightness arsenal, our blower doors are equipped with advanced data analytics capabilities. These sophisticated devices offer precise measurements of air leakage rates, allowing us to meticulously identify areas of concern within your building envelope. The intricate data garnered informs targeted strategies for elevating airtightness, ushering in optimal energy efficiency and occupant well-being. 

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Infrared Analysis: 

Thermal imaging cameras play a pivotal role in our airtightness testing process, unmasking thermal anomalies indicative of potential air leaks or insulation discrepancies. The power of infrared technology enables us to visualize temperature variations across building surfaces, enabling pinpoint diagnostics and informed decisions that augment airtightness and minimize energy loss. 

Smoke Testing for Pinpointing Smoke Testing for Pinpointing Air Leakage Points:  Leakage Points:

Are you poised to take your projects to new heights of airtightness excellence? Airtight Testing Service is your gateway to cutting-edge, tailored testing services designed to align with your unique industry requirements. Our adept team guarantees precise assessments, dependable results, and unwavering technical support throughout your project journey. Embark on the path to optimized airtightness by reaching out to us today. 

Ready to find out more?

Ready to elevate your projects to new heights of airtightness? Airtight Testing Services offers cutting-edge testing services tailored to your unique industry requirements. Our expert team ensures accurate assessments, reliable results, and unparalleled technical support throughout your project journey. Take the first step towards optimized airtightness by contacting us today. 

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